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The Galaxy s10e netbook, S10 and S10+, the result of 10 years at the forefront of the sector, represent the new generation of mobile innovation.

Galaxy s10e netbook, S10 and S10+. The new generation of Galaxy is already here.


Not only it is different. It is extraordinary.

Completely redesigned so that nothing disrupts your vision. Without slots, without distractions. Laser cutting precision, safety screen and AMOLED dynamic delicate with the view. The Infinity-Or is the screen most innovative Galaxy.

Unlocks just by touching the glass.

We have past the safety of the back to the front of the phone, by integrating the ultrasonic sensor of fingerprint in the screen.

The camera of new generation that allows you to shoot like a professional

Capture the world in all its splendor. Take stunning photos cinematics with 123 degrees of vision of the camera ultra wide-angle lens.

A camera more intelligent to make better photos.

The smart camera helps you to take stunning photos indicating the best composition and automatically optimising the camera settings according to the scene.

Five lenses. Without bag

The multi-camera with ultra-wide-angle revolutionizes the way you do photos. It's like having a team full of lenses in your pocket: a camera with a telephoto lens for photos with zoom awesome camera, a wide angle for the daily moments and a camera ultra wide-angle for panoramic landscapes.

*Only available on the Galaxy S10+. The camera depth RGB 8 MP is only available in the Galaxy S10+. The Galaxy S10 3 camera rear and 1 front camera; the Galaxy s10e netbook features 2 cameras rear and 1 front camera.

A processor that is one step ahead so you'll never stop

A performance of new generation to a generation that can't wait. Processor and RAM advanced with all the power of the new generation. A processor more intelligent and up to 12 GB of RAM which give better performance with lower energy consumption.6 Your phone will be as silk even when retransmitas live games games with demanding graphics. The processor also comprises a NPU for the smart camera.

The power of sharing.

The PowerShare wireless allows you to share the burden of your phone with other devices.3 in Addition, the fast charging technology wireless 2.0 gets a full load much faster.4, 5

A phone ready to follow your pace throughout the day

Smart battery 24 hours with autonomy to accompany you at all times. The Galaxy s10e netbook, S10 and S10+ learn your daily routines and patterns of use to close the applications you do not need. The power-saving mode adaptive given the autonomy based on the prediction of your day.1 With a battery life of up to 4100 mAh (typical) in the Galaxy S10+, you will spend more time enjoying your life and less time charging the mobile.

*Available in the Galaxy S10+. The battery capacity of the Galaxy S10 is 3400 mAh (typical), and the Galaxy s10e netbook is 3100 mAh (typical).

The storage of a laptop... without a laptop

Storage and expandable memory to have always at hand your moments more special. Deleted because you want to, not because of lack of space. The Galaxy s10e netbook, S10 and S10+ feature with up to 1 TB of internal storage, expandable to 512 GB additional through microSD card, to obtain an revolutionary storage space up to 1.5 TB. *Up to 512 GB of additional storage via microSD card to achieve a maximum storage capacity of 1.5 TB available only in the Galaxy S10+.

A phone that is not afraid of the water

Resistant to water and dust for facing the elements. Worry less of your phone, wherever you are. The Galaxy s10e netbook, S10 and S10+ are certified as IP68, the highest standard of resistance to water and dust for mobile devices.

Fast-charge wireless 2.0 that returns your phone to life even faster.

Thanks to the powerful quick charge wireless 2.0, the Galaxy s10e netbook, S10 and S10+ loaded much faster than the previous models of Galaxy in the wireless charger Samsung Duo Pad. In addition, with the cooling fan turbo charger, you will not have to worry about your phone overheating.

Transmits and shares wherever you are.

The wifi smart achieves faster speeds with wifi 6, and are connected reliably and securely even on public networks.6 If the connection is lost, it automatically switches to 4G to reach incredible speeds up to 2.0 Gbps.7

We changed the rules of the game.

We have designed both the hardware and software to provide exceptional performance in your games and eliminate the delay.

The phone that fits you so that you don't have to adapt to it

We are constantly working to keep you one step ahead. The intelligence and advanced hardware learn your usage habits to adapt. The battery lasts longer and the phone works more efficiently, giving you maximum performance throughout the day.

The Artificial Intelligence facilitates your daily life.
The Routines of Bixby will suggest the tasks and applications you use most often, depending on the time and your location, to provide you with a personalized experience that fits your needs of the day-to-day.

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